Miniature Gates

Miniature Horse looking over gossip top mini gate.Armour’s Miniature Gates are designed with your “mini” in mind. At a typical size of 36” wide x 40” high, they are a perfect fit for miniature horses. Any of our standard size gates can be ordered as a miniature gate to keep the same cohesive look to your barn. These gates are made with the same quality materials as our standard size gates, just at a smaller size. Each of our miniature gates also come fully assembled and include all of the hardware needed for installation. This hardware includes: stainless steel tee-hinges and fasteners, a stainless steel hook and eye set, a zinc-plated superlatch and latching receiver plates.

Miniature Gate Materials

As mentioned above, each of our Miniature Gates are made with the same materials and quality craftsmanship as our other standard size products. Our heavy-duty aluminum is one of the most notable materials that we use, as it outlives traditional steel and will never rust. Other materials that we use to build our gates include high-quality lumber and #1 Southern Yellow Pine and exterior grade plywood. Both our lumber and tongue and groove style gates are recommended to be painted or stained to extend the life of the lumber within the gate.

Miniature Gate Styles

Miniature horse gate with scuff panel.Just like our standard size gates, our Miniature Gates come in many different styles to choose from. Our Mini Gate styles include the: Coolbreeze Mini Gate, Crossbuck Mini Gate. Smooth Mini Gate, and Tongue and Groove Mini Gate. Our Coolbreeze Mini Gate is made completely out of our non-rusting aluminum and is great for socialization for minis and foals. This gate comes with 1” round pickets and 1” spacing between bars. Our Coolbreeze Mini Gates are very heavy-duty, while remaining lightweight for easy installation into your barn. The Crossbuck Mini Gate includes the timeless “x” design in the front side of the gate. This gate is made out of lumber that is encased in our aluminum frame. Armour’s Smooth Mini Gate is designed with smooth lumber on both sides with an aluminum miter-cut frame. The Tongue and Groove Mini Gate is made out of #1 Southern Yellow Pine that can be ordered in either vertical or horizontal tongue and groove. This gate also includes our all aluminum frame to protect the gate from chewing or other damage on the edges.

Miniature Gossip Gate Styles

Miniature sized crossbuck half gate for mini horses.Along with our standard styled Miniature Gates, Armour also offers Miniature Gossip Gates. These gates include: Coolbreeze Mini Gossip Gate, Crossbuck Mini Gossip Gate, Smooth Mini Gossip Gate, and Tongue and Groove Mini Gossip Gate. Each of our Miniature Gossip Gates are designed with the same materials and styles as the mini gates listed above, except with our unique zephyr-style gossip top. These Miniature Gossip Gates also include concealed welds at the zephyr-top to create a seamless look to our gates. If there is a Miniature Gate style that you are interested in that is not shown on our website, please contact us to see if we can make a product to fit your needs!