Horse Stall Front Packages

Browse Our Range of High-Quality No-Rust Aluminum Horse Stall Fronts. Find the perfect fit for your barn with our range of horse stalls. Our collection includes some of the most popular stall front items for quick order and purchase. Great for returning contractors who are familiar with the product and installation. Stall front packages can be customized by various grill lengths.

Stall Fronts are made up of two major components, the stall door, and the stall grill while Stall Front Panels include an aluminum door post and header. Stall Front Packages are among Armour's most popular products and they're available in two heights 7' or 8'. Various feed access options are available and all stall packages include the sliding door track, heavy duty trolley system, aluminum stops, adjustable heavy duty stay roller, super latch and fasteners for installing the package parts.

Created as a more affordable solution, the Economy 7' tall and the Bailey 8' tall packages match our world-class aluminum components and hardware with your lumber. Get all installation and hardware included; all you need to do is provide the lumber.

Created to fit almost any barn, the Aron Package includes a sliding door with various top features to choose from, an aluminum trim package and all the necessary hardware to install the sliding door and front components. The Klepper Package Stall Fronts include a sliding door with fold down or a different top of your choice, two front grills, two vent grills, track, trolleys, stops, latch and stay roller. The Klepper Package offers greater flexibility, allowing you to customize the horses stall with ‘add a vent' grills to keep your stalls cool. Both these solutions offer greater flexibility in cooling barn and stall areas.

The Armour Gates Quality Guarantee

When you purchase an Armour horse stall, you get much more than just a horse stall. You get precision engineering and top-quality components, ensuring a top-of-the-range solution every time.

Industry-Leading Precision Engineering and Components

Armour horse stalls are constructed using our pioneering “concealed weld” technique that ensures the welded connection is uncluttered and neat in appearance.

Grills are welded construction, so the bars do not pop out or rattle and sliding stall doors are reinforced for additional rigidity. To ensure the safety of your horses, our horse stall bar spacing is offered in 3”, 2” or 1”.