Gossip Gates

Armour's Gossip Gates are a great option to add a stall gate to your barn that has both style and functionality. Armour's Gossip Gates are designed with a three zephyr-style bar top that you will not find anywhere else. All of our Gossip Gates arrive fully assembled and include all of the hardware needed for an easy installation into your barn.

Gossip Gate Materials

Here at Armour Horse Stalls, we use only the highest quality of materials in each and every one of our products. Each of our Gossip Gates are made out with a heavy duty 1/8″ aluminum frame that will never rust! Our Gossip Gates are manufactured with concealed welds, capped posts, and moisture draining vents, ensuring that our products are built to last. We offer four different materials for our Gossip Gates including: lumber, tongue and groove, Endura, and 100% aluminum.

Gossip Gate Styles

Armour offers several different Gossip Gate styles to choose from including: Coolbreeze, Crossbuck, Smooth, Endura, Tongue and Groove, as well as a custom Logo Gossip Gate that you can add your own logo or design to! Our Coolbreeze Gossip Gate is made completely out of our non-rusting aluminum, with 1″ round pickets and a 3″ spacing between bars. This style of gate allows for an increase in airflow, as well as visibility. The Coolbreeze Gossip Gate can be ordered with or without a scuff panel, depending on your equine needs. The Crossbuck Gossip Gate is a classic option for your barn, with an “x” design in the lumber on the front of the gate. The back of the gate does not include a design, allowing a smooth surface for the inside of your horse's stall. Armour's Smooth Gossip Gate includes a smooth lumber surface on both sides of the gate and is contained in our non-rusting aluminum frame. For our Crossbuck and Smooth lumber gates, it is recommended to paint or stain the lumber portion of the gate to help increase the longevity of the lumber.

Our Endura Gossip Gate is made out of a type of heavy-duty crushed and pressed PVC sheeting, which will never rot, split, or warp! The Endura Gossip Gate comes in several different designs including: Smooth, Tongue and Groove, Crossbuck, Backboard, Diamond, and Crossbuck See-Thru. Our Tongue and Groove Gossip Gate is a beautiful option that is made out of number one Southern Yellow Pine lumber. This gate is offered in either horizontal or vertical tongue and groove, depending on your preference. Like our lumber gates, our Tongue and Groove Gossip Gate is recommended to be painted or stained, as well. Finally, our Logo Gossip Gate is a fully customizable gate that can help add some flair to your barn! We have several pre-designed options that you can choose from, or we can add your own design to the door for you. The Logo Gossip Gate comes unpainted, allowing you to paint or stain the door as you please.