Horse Stall Divider (Stall Partition) Packages

Experience true craftsmanship with our range of horse stall divider packages by Armour Horse Stalls. If you are looking for a divider stall package to align with your Economy Stall Front Package then choose the Economy Stall Partition Package. If you are looking for a stall divider package to align with your Bailey Stall Front Package, then choose the Bailey Stall Partition Package. The difference in the two horse stall divider packages is the height. Economy is 84″ tall and Bailey is 96″ tall. If you are looking for a custom size partition grill check out Armour's Stall Grills page.

All grills are welded together and arrive in one or two sections. Any grill over 96″ in length is manufactured in two sections for shipping purposes. Separate vertical “U” channels are included with the partition packages for mounting to end posts or walls and make the insertion of horizontal lumber material below the grill possible. Stall partition and divider grills are manufactured with round bars which are 1″ and have a standard spacing of 3″ in between the bars also known as 4″ on center. Horse stall partitions are manufactured completely of aluminum extrusions which is a non rusting metal, silver in color.