Armour recognized the need for a non-rusting horse stall product that would outlast traditional galvanized and steel components for a comparable price.

While keeping pricing low and quality high, Armour Companies continues today manufacturing an aluminum horse stall component line of higher quality materials such as thicker aluminum, concealed welds and quality hardware.

Armour recognizes the need for components which are structurally and aesthetically improved and has incorporated important features such as “full ventilation” and “safety ratio bar spacing”. Closer ratio bar spacing adds safety for the “little ones”, while reinforced channels throughout the product line have been added for rigidity and strength. From Armour’s inception, “oversized” products, which ultimately increase the opportunity for air to flow, have been offered. During the developmental stages of product building, Armour tries to implement a reusable system, so products do not have to be replaced due to lumber deterioration.

Armour Companies continues to introduce aesthetically pleasing stall components of no rust quality which assist individuals or builders in the completion of any horse barn or equestrian center. Armour Companies innovative made to fit sizing offers another plus to owners and builders when completing the horse stalls of their respective barns. As routine, Armour manufactures stall front grilles, stall dividers, partitions and window grilles to the nearest 1/8″ to accommodate new or renovated construction. This exact measurement process enables the installation of the grille components with a minimum amount of effort on the part of the installer. Most of Armour’s barn doors and window shutters can also be ordered “undersized” or “oversized”.

Armour Companies manufactures products of an attractive and durable nature by using only the highest quality aluminum materials and innovative technologies which guarantee, no rust. Our HIGH QUALITY horse stall doors, gates, and grilles will compliment, illuminate and ventilate any barn. All of the Armour Companies product line arrive fully assembled and ready to install. We also provide the necessary hardware for installation and provide mounting holes for installation.

Armour’s friendly staff will offer expert advice and helpful suggestions to assist in obtaining solutions to any building issues which may surface during the building or renovation of any horse stable or equestrian facility.

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