End Barn Doors

Armour Horse Stalls offers high-quality End Barn Doors in many different styles to ensure a perfect fit for your barn. Our End Barn Doors are sold in sets of two and are split vertically, allowing each half of the door frame to slide open to each side of the barn door opening. If you prefer the look and functionality of one large barn door, verses two doors, the End Barn Doors can be connected by bolting the frames together or using an Armour Astragal. We offer several End Barn Door styles including our innovative End Barn Door Superstructure, Endura End Barn Doors, and Lumber End Barn Doors. Each of our End Barn Doors are manufactured to fit several standard sizes, but can also be ordered in custom sizing upon request.

End Barn Door Superstructures

Armour's End Barn Door Superstructures are a great option for someone who is looking for an affordable and easy installation process for their End Barn Door. The End Barn Door Superstructure is manufactured out of 100% aluminum that will not rust. This allows the Superstructure to be installed without a crane or heavy machinery. The Superstructure comes fully assembled upon delivery, only requiring the lumber to be added to the inside of the Superstructure after it has been installed. Our End Barn Door Superstructure receives any 2″ x 6″ (truly 1-1/2″ x 5-1/2″ size required) lumber of your choice. This allows for easy replacement of damaged boards over time or in the future without replacement of the entire door. Our Superstructure End Barn Doors can be ordered in any size of your choice that is 12' w x 12' h or less. Armour's End Barn Door Superstructure comes with all of the hardware needed for installation, which includes: a galvanized, overhead, self-cleaning, self-aligning round track; heavy-duty ball-bearing trolley system; adjustable wall mount stay-roller; aluminum door stops; 10″ aluminum door handles; and wood lags for track, stop, stay-roller and handle installation.

Endura End Barn Doors

Our Endura End Barn Doors are made with our classic, non-rusting aluminum frame and contain heavy-duty Endura for the door panels. Endura is a solid PVC plastic material that is guaranteed to never rot, split, or warp over time! Endura is also mold and mildew resistant and comes in a beautiful white color that does not need paint or stain. Our Endura End Barn Doors arrive fully assembled with a Double Dutch Door appearance: “X” on the top, “X” on the bottom. The Endura End Barn Doors also come with all of the required hardware for installation: wood lags, track, trolley, stop, stay-roller and handle.

Lumber End Barn Doors

The Lumber End Barn Doors are designed with the same look as the Endura End Barn Doors, except lumber is used as the material of choice inside the aluminum frame. Armour uses high-quality lumber to create the door panels, which is recommended to be painted or stained to give a polished appearance for your barn. Just like our other End Barn Door options, the Lumber End Barn Doors come fully assembled and also contain all of the hardware that will be needed to install them into your barn. Both our Endura and Lumber End Barn Doors can be ordered in any custom sizing that is 8″ x 8″ or less.