Armour Gates – How to Install Page

For informational videos about installation of various products, please check out Armour’s “Install Video” Collection.

Once an order is placed access will be granted to the “How to Install” section, which is full of tips and instructions regarding the installation of such items as:

  • Stall Front Packages
  • Stall Divider Packages
  • Stall Panels
  • Sliding Stall Door
  • Hinged Stall Door
  • Stall Front Grill
  • Stall Partition Grill
  • Dutch Doors
  • Barn Windows
  • Window Grill
  • End Barn Door
  • Tack/Feed Doors
  • Half Gates
  • Gossip Gates
  • Miniature Gates
  • Garnish Brackets
  • Vent Panels
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