Stall Gates

Armour Horse Stalls offers several different types of stall gates to choose from when designing your barn. From Gossip Gates, to Half Gates, and even Miniature Stall Gates, we have something for any equine. Each of our stall gates is manufactured out of heavy duty 1/8″ non-rusting aluminum and gates always arrive fully assembled.

Gossip Stall Gates

Gossip Stall Gates are designed with our own, unique to Armour Horse Stalls, three zephyr-style bar-top and can be ordered in a variety of different materials and styles for the lower portion of the door. These stall gate styles include: Smooth, Crossbuck, Tongue and Groove, Coolbreeze, Endura, or you can even put your own Logo on it! The Smooth and Crossbuck Gossip Gate are made out of exterior plywood lumber and the Crossbuck comes with the classic “x” design. The Tongue and Groove Gossip Gate is manufactured out of Southern Yellow Pine Lumber and backed with 3/4″ exterior ply so the horse has a smooth interior panel when pawing. Tongue and Groove gates can be ordered in either horizontal or vertical format. Our Coolbreeze Gossip Gate is made out of our non-rusting aluminum and is designed with 1″ round pickets and 1″ in between bar spacing. Our Endura Gossip Gates are made in the same designs mentioned and a multitude more! Ordering the Endura PVC product will outlast lumber products because it does not rot or split. Armour’s Logo Gossip Gate is designed to allow artwork to be cut out of lumber and applied to the gates being ordered. into the lumber on the stall gate.

Half Gates

Half Gates are an excellent and economical option to achieve retaining the horse in the stall. The Half Gate options that Armour Horse Stalls have available include all of the same great designs as noted previously: Smooth, Crossbuck, T&G, Coolbreeze, Endura and Logo'd gates at a lower cost than gossip gates and sliding doors and arrive assembled, ready to hang. Our hinged gates include zinc plated latch, stainless steel hinges, fasteners and hook and eye set. If you don't see the size you are trying to achieve, please contact us and let us know and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Miniature Stall Gates

Any of our standard Stall Gate components can be resized into miniature form to fit any desired size. Each of our Mini Stall Gates are manufactured with the same high-quality materials and craftsmanship as all of our standard size products. The same great designs as noted above and arrive assembled with all the necessary hardware to hang the gates in your new or renovated barn!