Barn Windows

Barn windows or barn shutters are used on the exterior of the barn to close off horse stall window openings from weather. Barn windows can be ordered hinged or sliding with different patterns as well as materials. Armour fabricates horse stall components that will not rust and will outlast traditional galvanized or steel components because of the aluminum material used in fabrication. Horse stall barn windows can be ordered in single or double panels: Single panels swing or slide in one direction while double barn windows swing or slide to each side of the barn window opening. Different horse stall barn fascias are offered such as smooth, crossbuck, tongue and groove, diamond, chevron and backboard. Materials offered are lumber, tongue and groove as well as Endura. Lumber shutters (smooth and crossbuck) are exterior grade plywood, while tongue and groove barn windows are 1″ x 6″ backed with exterior plywood while the Endura material is a white solid pvc product that does not deteriorate like lumber does naturally. Endura materials have great insulation properties, impervious to water, mold or mildew and will not warp, rot or split. Armour does not recommend painting Endura products. Heavy gauge, non-rust, miter-cut, aluminum channel is used to frame each shutter panel to prevent equines from chewing on edges. Hinged barn shutters or sliding barn windows include all the necessary hardware to be installed into common lumber constructed barns. Hardware included: stainless steel hinges, zinc-plated latches, stainless steel hook and eye set, round galvanized track, zinc plated trolley wheels, aluminum stops, zinc plated stay-roller guide, and aluminum astragals. Armour offers standard barn windows online and custom size barn shutters can be fabricated upon request.