Barn Windows

Armour Horse Stalls offers high quality Barn Windows in several different styles to fit all of your equine needs. These Barn Windows, also known as barn shutters, help to keep rain and other weather out of your barn so that your horses remain comfortable at all times of the year. Our Barn Windows come fully assembled with our miter-cut non-rusting aluminum frame and can be ordered with either lumber or Endura materials inside of the frame. Each of our barn windows can be ordered as either a single or double panel, depending on your preference, and can also be ordered as hinged or sliding.

Hinged Barn Windows

Armour's Hinged Barn Windows can be ordered in standard sizing or custom sizing to ensure a perfect fit for your barn. Our Hinged Barn Windows come in a variety of different styles using lumber including Smooth, Crossbuck, and Tongue and Groove. Armour also offers several different Endura styles including Smooth, Crossbuck, Tongue and Groove, Diamond, Chevron, and Backboard. Each of our Hinged Barn Windows include all of the hardware needed for installation. With our Hinged Barn Windows, the design that you choose is on the outside of the window when it is closed. If you prefer the design to be displayed when the window is open, you can reverse the window panels and install them that way.

Sliding Barn Windows

Our high-quality Sliding Barn Windows are designed just like our Hinged Barn Windows, except they are installed on a track to slide open, rather than swinging open using hinges. Our Sliding Barn Windows can be ordered in the same styles as the Hinged Barn Windows, such as Smooth, Crossbuck, Tongue and Groove, and Endura, except the design will always be on the outside of the window. Our Sliding Barn Windows include all of the necessary hardware for installation, including the track, trolleys, stops, latches, and fasteners.

Barn Window Materials

Each of Armour Horse Stalls' Barn Windows are manufactured with our high quality, non-rusting aluminum frame that will last for many years to come, verses traditional galvanized or steel materials. The aluminum frame on our Barn Windows also helps to prevent horses from chewing on the edges of the barn windows. As mentioned above, Armour offers lumber, tongue and groove, and Endura materials for the inside of our Barn Windows. Our lumber that we use for our Barn Windows is exterior grade plywood, which can be painted or stained to add style to your barn. Our tongue and groove Barn Windows are 1″ x 6″, which include an exterior plywood backing for a smooth surface. The Endura material is made out of white PVC and does not crack or split over time. Endura is also mold and mildew resistant, making it a great choice for a wet or rainy climate. Along with our high-quality products and materials, you will always receive excellent service when you order from Armour Horse Stalls. We want your barn to look its best, which is why we offer custom sizing upon request for any of our Barn Windows that we offer.