Stall Front Grills

Armour Horse Stalls offers high quality Stall Front Grills, which are the grills that are located in the FRONT of a stall. These grills are useful for several different things including additional ventilation of a stall, increased visibility, feeding, and more. Each of our Stall Front Grills are designed with Armour’s exceptional manufacturing and heavy-duty, non-rusting aluminum.

Stall Front Grill Types

L Series Stall Front Grill with Cut Out Feed Door

L Series Grill

C Series Stall Front Grill

C Series Grill

Armour Horse Stalls offers two different types of Stall Front Grills, the L Series and C Series. Our L Series Grill is manufactured using ANGLE horizontals and our C Series Grill is made using CHANNEL horizontals. The reason for these two different grill types has to do with the horizontal top and bottom connection of the grill. If you have 1-1/2″ lumber two-by boards above and below the opening, please choose our ANGLE – L Series grill. If you have greater than 1-1/2″ lumber above and below the opening, please choose the CHANNEL – C Series grill. Also, if you have a concrete block wall that is filled or flushed, please choose our C Series grill. If you are unsure of which option to order, please choose the “other” option. This will alert one of our staff to contact you to discuss your options. Some of our “other” options may come with an additional cost for changes in design.

Stall Front Grill Details

Each of our Stall Front Grills can also be ordered with feeder access options including a Feeder Access Door, Lift Out Panel, Cut Out, and an EZ Lift. The Feeder Access Door is large enough to fit your horse’s head through the opening to pet, and also is perfect for throwing hay into the stall or moving a bucket when needed. The Lift Out Panel has a 24″ wide opening and can also be removed when needed. A Cut Out is a small opening in the grill that is used to fit a feed scoop through the opening. An EZ Lift serves the same purpose as the Cut Out, but includes a filler piece to be raised and lowered when adding feed, with a scoop, to the stall. When ordering the Cut Out or EZ Lift be sure your hand holding the scoop is no larger than 10-3/4″ x 10-3/4″.

Stall Front Grill Sizing

Our Stall Front Grills are available in two different heights online, 36″ or 48″, while custom heights can be ordered via phone. Custom lengths to the closest 1/4″ can be ordered on our website by from the “make my grill custom size” field. Also, all grills are offered in 3″, 2″ or 1″ between bar spacing. Please make sure that the bar spacing on your Stall Front Grill matches the spacing on your stall doors. Something to keep in mind when placing an order is that our Partition Grills, Stall Front Grills and Window Grills are all the same product, but named according to where they are located in the stall. For example, the sizes of the grills can be smaller or larger based on the name, so if a larger Stall Front Grill is needed, you may need to order a Partition Grill for the larger size. If a smaller size Stall Front Grill is needed, in some cases a Window Grill can be ordered to be put in place of a Stall Front Grill, as well.