Barn Windows

Barn windows, otherwise known as barn shutters, are designed to keep rain and other types of weather from entering the interior of a barn. Each of our barn windows are manufactured with the same high-quality materials and craftsmanship as our barn doors and other products. Armour offers both hinged shutters and sliding shutters and either one can be ordered in a single panel or double panel. Designs offered are: Crossbuck lumber, Tongue and Groove, Smooth or our no rot Endura. Our barn windows are 1-¾” thick and can be ordered with custom sizing and designs to fit your barn just contact us. All of our barn windows come with the hardware that you will need for installation including: stainless steel hinges, zinc-plated latches, stainless steel hook and eye set, round galvanized track, zinc plated trolley wheels, aluminum stops, zinc plated stay-roller guide, and aluminum astragals.

Dutch Barn Doors

Armour Horse Stalls manufactures several different types of barn doors. One of our most popular barn door styles is our Double Dutch Door. The Dutch Barn Doors are double hinged doors that open and close independently from each other, so the top can be left open and the bottom can be kept closed. Our Dutch Barn Doors can be ordered in a variety of designs including: Crossbuck, Tongue and Groove, Smooth or with our white Endura material. Bar top designs are available for allowing air to flow freely into the barn. Coolbreeze bottoms are used when the desire to restrain the inhabitant and future rainy weather is not going to be an issue blowing into the barn. Coolbreeze options can be ordered with or without Scuff Panels for stall inhabitants that might kick or paw at the barn door. Our Endura Dutch Barn Doors are made out of a heavy-duty PVC material that does not rot. Endura Double Dutch Doors can be ordered in Crossbuck, Tongue and Groove, Smooth or any of the designs seen on our sliding door pages. Tongue and Groove Dutch Doors are made out of number one grade Southern Yellow Pine lumber and backed with 3/4″ exterior plywood and come fully assembled and ready for installation. Armour's Crossbuck Dutch Doors have the timeless “x” design and are manufactured from the highest quality exterior plywood lumber and aluminum materials. Each of our Dutch Barn Doors come fully assembled and include all of the hardware needed for installation. This hardware includes a zinc-plated super latch, stainless steel 6″ T-hinges, stainless steel hook and eye set and stainless steel fasteners.

End Barn Doors

Armour's End Barn Doors come in a variety of designs, with our Superstructure leading in industry innovation. Our End Barn Door Superstructure includes a unique, lightweight aluminum frame for easy installation without having to use a crane or heavy machinery. After the Superstructure is in place, you are then able to add your own 2×6 lumber of choice to the structure. Since you are able to add or remove the lumber out of the Superstructure, it makes it easy to replace boards on your barn doors in future years to come. End Barn Door Superstructures can be ordered in any size 12' x 12' or less. If the size is not found on our website, you may call/inquire and order as long as the size is less than 12' x 12'. If you prefer a fully assembled end barn door with lumber or Endura included, we have those options, as well. Our Lumber and Endura End Barn Doors are designed with a Double Dutch appearance and include two panels per opening and the size of these doors is a maximum coverage of 8' x 8'. The hardware included with these End Barn Door Superstructure or Lumber End Doors is: galvanized round track, heavy duty trolleys, aluminum door stops, aluminum pull door handles and zinc plated stay roller. All the necessary fasteners are included for the installation of each piece of door hardware into standard lumber constructed barns.

Tack Feed Doors

Our Tack Feed Doors are very customizable and come in several different options to fit any barn design need. For a traditional and classic look, our Crossbuck Not Split Doors are a great choice. They have the appearance of a Double Dutch Barn Door, but come in one whole piece door panel. These doors are also used for barn bathroom doors or offices but not recommended for holding air conditioning in a room. Our Tack Feed Room Doors are a great way to add some customization to your barn, as a logo or lettering can be added to the door at an additional cost. All of the lumber is included in both the Crossbuck Not Split Doors and the Tack Feed Room Doors. All Tack Feed Doors also come fully assembled with hardware for installation and can be ordered as either hinged or sliding. Armour's Tack Feed Superstructures are smaller than our End Barn Door Superstructure, but similar, as they are an all-aluminum frame that you add your own lumber to. These Tack Feed Superstructures are a great cost effective option and a great way to get your interior Tack Feed Doors to match your exterior end barn doors. Superstructures receive 2×6 lumber boards.