Tack Feed Doors

Armour's Tack Feed Doors are a great option for closing off a room from the rest of your barn. These doors can be used for many different purposes such as a tack room door, feed room door, office door, or restroom door. However, if you are looking for an insulated door that holds in the air conditioning or heating in a room in your barn, this may not be the best door for your needs. Armour offers a variety of different Tack Feed Doors including our Crossbuck Not Split Doors, Tack Feed Room Doors, and Tack Feed Superstructures.

Crossbuck Not Split Doors

Our Crossbuck Not Split Doors are a classic option with the timeless “x” design on the front of each door panel. These doors have a Double Dutch style, without being split horizontally and can be ordered as hinged or sliding. This style of Tack Feed Door arrives fully assembled and can be ordered in either lumber or Endura (a PVC material), depending on your preference. Each door also has our standard non-rusting aluminum frame that will outlive traditional steel frames. If you like all of your barn doors to have a cohesive look, the Crossbuck Not Split Doors are a great choice for you, as they match our Crossbuck Sliding Doors, Crossbuck Double Dutch Doors, and Crossbuck End Barn Doors.

Tack Feed Room Doors

If you are looking for a Tack Feed Door that has some customization to it, our Tack Feed Room Doors are just for you. We have several different designs that you can choose from, including our Saddle and Jumper designs, or we can add a custom logo, design or title to the door, as well. These Tack Feed Room Doors can be ordered as either hinged or sliding, depending on your needs. The Tack Feed Room Doors are made out of high-quality lumber and are contained in our heavy-duty aluminum frame. Painting or staining the lumber portion of the door is recommended to protect it as much as possible. We also offer undersized doors at no additional cost to you!

Tack Feed Superstructures

Armour's unique Tack Feed Superstructure is excellent for those who are looking for a cost-effective Tack Feed Door to match their End Barn Door Superstructure. This Superstructure is similar to our End Barn Door Superstructure in design, except smaller in size. The Tack Feed Superstructure is a sliding door and is made out of 100% aluminum, making it very lightweight and easy to install. The Tack Feed Superstructure comes without any material inside the frame of the door, allowing you to install your own local lumber to the door upon installation. The Superstructure receives any kind of 2″ x 6″ lumber, making it easy to replace lumber in the Superstructure that may get damaged over time. These Superstructures are available in standard sizing, but can also be ordered with custom sizing, upon request. Each of Armour's Tack Feed Doors also includes all of the hardware needed for installation.