Sliding Stall Doors

Browse our range of custom and standard stall doors, available in a range of different designs. All our stall doors can be ordered as sliding stall doors or hinged stall doors, depending on your needs. Our industry-leading stall doors combine our years of experience with top quality materials. Our sliding stall doors come fully assembled with a number of top and bottom combinations to choose from. We use heavy gauge non-rusting aluminum in our manufacturing process that is reinforced for additional strength. The doors are constructed using concealed weldments throughout for a clean, neat appearance. We will deliver all the necessary hardware for installation including fasteners for a lumber barn construction. Also included with our sliding doors is one round track, two ball bearing trolleys, two aluminum stops, one latch and one adjustable stay roller.

Stall Door Bottom Options:

  • Superstructures – add your own 1-1/2″ lumber
  • Crossbuck – includes the classic-look with an X in lumber
  • Tongue and Groove – includes a tongue and groove fascia lumber panel installed
  • Breezewood – designed to increase ventilation and includes a lumber fascia
  • Coolbreeze – includes ventilation grille or kick panel
  • Windsor – create your own lumber fascia
  • Taube – unique blend of lumber and non-rusting aluminum
  • Endura-Panel – Durability, unique styling and a range of designs in PVC

Stall Door Top Options:

  • Standard Bar Top, with straight vertical bars
  • Lift Out Panel, with a removable top section of bars
  • Fold Down Panel, with a spring loaded, hinged, fold-down section of bars
  • Herringbone Top – Armour's unique stall door top design
  • Herringbone Fold Down Top – A spring loaded, hinged, fold down section of bars
  • Gossip Top, with three symmetrically curved bars

Hinged Stall Doors

If you prefer a hinged stall door solution for your barn, our full range of sliding doors are also available as hinged doors. Your delivery will include the hinges, making installation quick and easy. Our hinged stall doors are available in a choice of fascias and delivered fully assembled, featuring an all-aluminum superstructure. Hinged doors include heavy-duty hardware: three 6″ T hinges and one door latch and fasteners for installation into a lumber barn construction.