Stall Grills

Armour Horse Stalls manufactures several different horse Stall Grills to suit all the needs of your barn or stable. Our Stall Grill options that we offer include: Garnish Brackets, Stall Front Grills, Stall Partition Grills, Stall Window Grills, and Vent Panels. Stall Grills can serve several different purposes in your horse stable, such as better air flow, increased visibility, and decoration. Here at Armour Horse Stalls, we use top of the line materials to design each one of our products. All of our Stall Grills are made out of our heavy gauge aluminum that will never rust! Each of our Stall Grills are manufactured using Armour's standard concealed weldments, creating a top of the line end result when installed into your barn or stable. If you are looking for a Stall Grill or Vent Panel size that we do not have listed on our website, please feel free to give us a call to place a custom order for the size that you need.

Garnish Brackets

Armour's Garnish Brackets are an excellent combination of both style and functionality. Garnish Brackets are a two-piece yoke set that attach to each side of a window, creating a narrower window opening for your horse to hang its head through. The Garnish Brackets include Armour's unique zephyr-style bar-top, featuring either three or four curved aluminum bars, depending on your preference, attached to a 90-degree aluminum frame that will fit perfectly into each side of a window opening. These Garnish Brackets can also be installed into windows or above door opening as a decoration to add a touch of class to your barn. If your barn already features our Standard Gossip Gates or Miniature Gossip Gates, adding these Garnish Brackets would be a great way to create a cohesive look to your barn, as they all feature the same zephyr-style bar top.

Stall Front Grills

Stall Front Grills are described just as the name sounds: grills that are installed at the front of a stall. These type of stall grills are great for feeding, adding ventilation, visibility, and more. It is important to note that Armour Horse Stalls' Stall Front Grills, Stall Partition Grills, and Stall Window Grills are all the same product, just with different sizing and locations within the stall. Armour designs two separate Stall Front Grills: The L Series made with Angle horizontals and the C Series made with Channel horizontals. Please order the Angle – L Series if you have 1-1/2″ lumber two-by boards above and below the opening. Please select the Channel – C Series if you have greater than 1-1/2 lumber above and below the opening or if you have a concrete block wall. Armour's Stall Front Grills can be ordered in 36″ or 48″ heights. Custom heights can be ordered via phone, while custom lengths to the nearest ¼” can be ordered online by selecting from the “make my grill custom size” option. As for spacing, 3″, 2″, and 1″ spacing between bars is available for order in Stall Front Grills, Stall Partition Grills, and Stall Window Grills. When placing an order, please double check that the bar spacing on your Stall Front Grill matches your stall door spacing. Armour offers a wide variety of Feeder Access Options that are available in Stall Front Grills, along with Stall Partition Grills or Window Grills if those sizes suit the project better. Our Feeder Options include a: Feeder Access Door, Lift Out Panel, Cut Out, EZ Lift. Our Feeder Access Door is an opening of the grill that is 24″ wide x the height of the grill used for feeding or other uses. A Lift Out Panel has the same 24″ wide opening that can be removed or inserted when needed. The Cut Out is an 11″ x 11″ hole in the grill to fit a standard sized feed scoop through. An EZ Lift is the same concept as the Cut Out, but it also includes a moveable “filler piece” that can be raised and lowered when feeding.

Stall Partition Grills

Stall Partition Grills are located in the divider portion of stall that separates one stall from the other. Stall Partition Grills are used for getting air flow between stalls so that the air in each stall does not remain stagnant, along with added socialization and visibility between horses in their neighboring stalls. Since Stall Front Grills, Stall Partition Grills, and Stall Window Grills are all the same product, sometimes you may need to order a Stall Partition Grill for your Stall Front Grill, if a larger grill is needed to fill that space in your stable.

Stall Window Grills

Armour's Stall Window Grills are the Stall Grills that are located in the window openings of a stall. These types of Stall Grills are perfect for keeping a horse from sticking its head out of a window opening, while still allowing air to flow into the stall. Stall Window Grills are smaller in size, so in some cases a Stall Window Grill may be ordered to fit the space of a Stall Front Grill. Stall Window Grills can be used when centering the stall door in the middle of a stall front: a smaller window grill can be placed on either side of the door opening. Or Stall Window Grills can replace a Stall Partition Grill when smaller visitation areas are desired between two stalls.

Vent Panels

Vent Panels are often an “after thought” but they are an excellent, affordable way to increase the potential for air flow into your barn. Vent Panels are typically installed into stall doors, stall dividing or partition walls, miniature stalls, or foaling stalls were replacement of existing lumber and a Grill is desired to accomplish visibility, visitation or air flow. Along with increased air flow to a stall, Vent Panels are also perfect for increasing visibility to foaling stalls and for socialization of miniatures. Our Vent Panels include vertical end attachments, making them a little different than our standard Stall Grills. These vertical ends allow you to replace existing lumber wall sections of two-bys with a Vent Panel instead. Armour's Vent Panels are manufactured with a “picture frame” style including reverse miter cut, welded corners with 1/8″ thick, 1″ bars. Three different spacing options are also available, which include 1″, 2″ or 3″ spacing between bars. Something to keep in mind when choosing the between bar spacing of your Vent Panel is where it will be located at in the stall. If a Vent Panel is going to be installed anywhere below 48″ in the stall, 1″ spacing is necessary for safety. For above 48″ in the stall, 2″ or 3″ bar-spacing is typically a standard choice. Armour's Vent Panel framing is designed to allow cut boards to be covered, as well as loose boards to be secured to one side of the frame.