Stall Partition Grills

Armour Horse Stalls offers high quality Stall Partition Grills, which are the grills that are used between two stalls or on the end of a row of stalls. These grills are used for visibility into the stall as well as for visitation by stall occupants. The opportunity for increased ventilation is raised by the use of stall partition grills. Each of Armour Horse Stalls' Partition Grills are designed with concealed welds heavy-duty, non-rusting aluminum.

Stall Partition Grill Types

Armour Horse Stalls offers two different types of Stall Partition (Divider or End) Grills, the L Series and C Series. Our L Series Grill is manufactured using ANGLE on the top and bottom horizontal. The C Series Grill is made using CHANNEL horizontals (top and bottom only). The reason for these two different grill types has to do with the size and type of material the grill is connecting to above and below the grill. Most common is the L Series if you have 1-1/2″ lumber two-by boards above and below the opening, please choose our ANGLE – L Series grill. If you have a surface greater than 1-1/2″ lumber above and below the opening, please choose the CHANNEL – C Series grill. Also, if you have a concrete block wall that is filled or flushed, please choose our C Series grill. If you are unsure of which option to order, please choose the “other” option. This will alert one of our staff to contact you to discuss your project needs. Or you can give us a call directly. Changes in design may incur additional cost.

Stall Partition Grill Details

Each of our Stall Partition Grills can be ordered with Receiver Channels. Receiver Channels are separate from the stall partition grill and mount vertical to the end posts or walls below the grill. These Receiver Channels, once installed, allow insertion of horizontal boards to construct the wall below the stall partition grill. Once the wall is constructed the L Series Partition Grill mounts atop the lumber wall and small header channels can be mounted above to hold the two by lumber header in place. The lumber header is necessary for the (L Series) grill to install and mount correctly. For concrete structures where there is concrete on all four sides of the opening, C Series Grills are the best option. If the opening you are trying to fill does not have concrete on all four sides of the opening or if you are trying to fill a metal building, it is best to call our office and speak with a professional about a product that will best fit your scenario.

Stall Partition Grill Sizing

Our Stall Partition Grills are available in two different heights online, 36″ or 48″, while custom heights can be ordered via phone. Custom lengths to the closest 1/4″ can be ordered on our website by choosing the “make my grill custom size” field. Also, all grills are offered in 3″, 2″ or 1″ between bar spacing. The most common spacing is 3″ however it is common to choose a narrower spacing for draft, Paso Fino, Arabian and miniature horses. Please also make sure that the bar spacing on your Stall Partition Grill matches the spacing on your stall front grills and stall doors. In some cases a narrower spacing is used between the stalls, such as 2″ and a 3″ spacing is used on the stall fronts and stall doors. If you are looking for a smaller size partition grill, please check on our Stall Front Grills and Window Grills pages for additional smaller sizes. Stall front, partition and window grills are all the same product except the names and sizes change based on where they are placed in the barn.