Horse Stall Doors

Horse Stall Fronts using Coolbreeze Gossip Top Sliding Doors
Armour Horse Stalls offers several different types of horse stall doors to fit all of your barn design needs. All of our horse stall doors are made out of heavy duty, non-rusting aluminum, guaranteeing you the highest quality stall door that will last for years to come. Each of our horse stall doors can be ordered to fit your needs as either sliding stall doors or hinged stall doors. We also offer custom designs and sizes for your stall door, upon request. All of our horse stall doors are manufactured with a concealed weld technique to provide a neat and clean presentation. If you are interested in learning more about our different horse stall doors and the options that they come with, please continue reading below.

Crossbuck Sliding Stall Doors with Fold-Down Panels

Stall Door Options
When you order a stall door from Armour Horse Stalls, you will receive everything you need to make the stall door installation process a breeze. Each stall door delivery includes the fully assembled stall door, along with all of the hardware needed for installation. If you purchased a sliding horse stall door, your order will include: a round track, adjustable trolleys, aluminum stops, latch, heavy duty adjustable stay roller, and fasteners. If you purchased a hinged stall door, you would receive three 6″ T hinges, one door latch and fasteners as your hardware. Our sliding stall doors come in a standard size of 51 1/2″ width x 96″ height, but can be resized to fit your door opening, if needed.

Stall Door Top Options
The top portion of our horse stall doors is made out of non-rusting aluminum that is designed into many different styles. Our Standard Bar Top includes a classic look of straight vertical aluminum bars that are spaced 3″ apart. The Fold Down Panel option includes a spring-loaded and hinged fold down portion of bars, to allow a horse's head to hang out of the door opening. The Herringbone Top is Armour's own unique stall door top design. Our signature Herringbone Fold Down Top is a mixture of Armour's two best door tops, our Herringbone and Fold Down Top, combined into one. Our Lift Out Panel includes a removable top section of bars. We also offer a Gossip Top that includes three symmetrically curved bars in its design. If you prefer less spacing between bars, instead of the standard 3″ spacing, our Bar Top, Lift Out Panel and Fold Down options can be ordered in 1″ or 2″ spacing, for an additional cost. If you would like more information about our stall door top options, please feel free to check out our website.

Stall Door Bottom Design OptionsHorse Stalls Fronts using Sliding Stall Door Superstructures with Standard Bar Top
Our stall doors come in a variety of different materials for the bottom door panel portion of the door including: aluminum; lumber; and Endura, which is a dense PVC plastic. Your material choice would depend on your own personal preference, as lumber is more customizable, but aluminum and Endura are longer lasting materials. If you would like more information about our stall door bottom options, please feel free to check out our website.

Horse Stall Front featuring Coolbreeze Sliding Door with Scuff Panel

Stall Door Styles
Armour Horse Stalls offers many unique horse stall door styles to fit each of our customer's needs. Superstructure Stall Doors are a great cost-efficient and customizable option, since they come with an empty bottom half, for you to add your own lumber of choice. Crossbuck Stall Doors come with a crossbuck or “x” design in the lumber on the bottom half of the door. Tongue and Groove Stall Doors can be ordered in either horizontal or vertical tongue and groove. Mini Stall Doors are designed with the same quality materials as our full-size stall doors, but they can be miniaturized to fit your desired stall door size. Coolbreeze Stall Doors are offered in two different styles: all aluminum with bars or aluminum with a Scuff Panel. The Scuff Panel allows you to add your own lumber, or it can be ordered with lumber included in Crossbuck, T&G, or Endura. Endura Stall Doors come in a variety of different designs and are very durable. Logo Stall Doors are a great option to display ribbons or add your own logo or artwork to. If you have any questions or are ready to place your order, please give us a call at 800-876-7706. Thank you, we appreciate your business.