Horse Stall Packages

Packages and Products for Horse Stalls

Armour Horse Stalls provides a variety of packages and products for horse stalls to fit any of your needs. We offer several different horse stall options for your barn including Horse Stall Front Packages, Sliding Stall Doors, Stall Grills, Horse Stall Divider Packages, Horse Stall Panels, and even Custom Horse Stall Fronts. To learn more information about the various packages and products that we offer, please continue reading the content below.

Horse Stall Front Packages

Horse Stall Front Packages

The front of one of our horse stalls primarily consists of two components: the stall grill and stall door. The stall front, excluding the sliding door, is usually made with lower solid lumber or a concrete wall, along with a top grill. Sliding doors are recommended for horse stalls, due to the ease of leading horses in and out of the stalls. The horse stall grills can be purchased with or without feeding options for ease of use. All of our stall packages include the following parts: a sliding door track, heavy duty trolley system, aluminum stops, adjustable heavy duty stay roller, super latch and fasteners to install the package parts. To learn more about our Horse Stall Front Packages, please visit the following web-page: Horse Stall Front Packages!

Sliding Stall Doors

Sliding Stall Doors

Armour Horse Stalls provides our clients with pre-assembled, heavy duty horse stall sliding doors. Our sliding stall doors have been designed based on our many years of experience in the industry, along with the use and testing of quality materials, providing our customers with various options to fit any need. Our non-rusting sliding stall doors also include the necessary hardware for installation, along with additional components. To learn more about our Sliding Stall Doors, please visit the following web-page at: Sliding Stall Doors!

Horse Stall Grills

Stall Grills

Armour Horse Stalls offers premier stall grills to add air flow and style to your horse stalls. We offer several different types of stall grills including Garnish Brackets, Stall Front Grills, Stall Partition Grills, Stall Window Grills, and Vent Panels. Each of our stall grills are designed out of high quality aluminum and can be used for many different purposes in your barn. To learn more about our Stall Grills, please visit the following web-page at: Horse Stall Grills!

Horse Stall Partitions

Horse Stall Divider (Partition) Packages

We provide horse stall dividers in several different sizes and variations to fit all of our customers’ needs. We have two customizable options to choose from: the Economy Stall Partition Package and the Bailey Stall Partition Package. The difference in the two packages are based on the height of the stall divider, with the Economy Stall being 84 inches tall and the Bailey Stall being 96 inches tall. Each of our horse stall divider and partition grills are designed with one inch round bars and are made out of a high quality, non-rusting aluminum. To learn more about our Horse Stall Divider packages, please visit the following web-page: Horse Stall Divider Packages!

Horse Stall Front Panels

Horse Stall Panels

Our stall panels follow a traditional horse stall panel design, allowing our customers to easily bolt front panels between existing posts. All of the hardware for installation is included upon purchase of the product, which includes: track, trolleys, door stops, latch and stay roller. All of our horse stall panels are designed out of ⅛ inch thick, non-rusting aluminum. These stall panels are easy to install and create a great look for your barn. To learn more about our Horse Stall Panels and what is included in the product, please visit the following web-page: Horse Stall Panels!

Custom Horse Stall Fronts

Custom Horse Stall Fronts

Armour Horse Stalls gives our clients the opportunity to customize the panels of the stall fronts, creating a story for each individual stall. We provide three options that can be chosen and created out of our own lumber. However, if these options do not suit your needs, send us your image and we will do our best to recreate it. Custom stall fronts are a great way to add your own touch to your horse stalls. Additionally, Armour Horse Stalls also offers custom stall systems to fit any of your stall design needs. To learn more about our Custom Horse Stall Fronts, please visit the following web-page: Custom Horse Stall Fronts!