Stall Window Grills

Armour's round thickness vs other companies.Armour Horse Stalls offers high quality aluminum Stall Window Grills. Window Grills are used on the back of each stall or on the end walls of the barn which encompass a stall. These window grills are used for visibility into the stall from outside the barn as well as a possibility for increased ventilation into a stall. Each of Armour Horse Stalls' Window Grills are fabricated with concealed welds and constructed of heavy-duty, non-rusting aluminum.

Stall Window Grill Types

L Series Window Grill

L Series Grill

C Series Window Grill with Lift Out Panel

C Series Grill

Armour Horse Stalls offers two different types of Stall Window Grills, the L Series and C Series. The L Series Grill is fabricated using ANGLE on the top and bottom horizontal. The C Series Grill is manufactured using CHANNEL horizontals on the top and bottom. All window grills connect to the opening at the top and bottom. The L Series slides into the opening 1-1/2″ and the opposing leg of the “L” covers the stall wall and prevents horse from chewing on the window sill from inside the stall. The C Series Window Grill is best when a window sill is greater than 1-1/2″ wide. The C Series Grill can be installed on the inside edge or centered in the middle of any window sill greater than 1-1/2″ for instance a 2″, 4″ or 6″ lumber sill or 8″ concrete sill. L Series grills can not be used for concrete openings and C Series grills can not be used on rounded concrete block corners. If you are unsure of which option to order, please choose the “other” option. This will alert one of our staff to contact you to discuss your project needs. Changes in design may incur additional cost.

Stall Window Grill Sizing

Our Stall Window Grills are available in two different heights online, 36″ or 48″, while custom heights can be ordered via phone or email request. Custom lengths to the closest 1/4″ can be ordered on our website by choosing the “make my grill custom size” field. Also, all window grills are offered in 3″, 2″ or 1″ between bar spacing and the most common spacing is 3″. The narrower 2″ or 1″ spacing for Draft, Paso Fino, Arabian and Miniature Horses is common. If you want to achieve overall uniformity in appearance of the stall window grills, be sure to choose the same spacing for the stall front grills, partition grills and stall sliding doors. If you don't find a larger size window grill on this page, please also check out Stall Front Grills and Partition Grills for additional sizes.