Truitt stable is a beautiful building, complete with cupola. This five stall lumber interior barn is set among rolling hills of forest and fields. The Truitt’s called Armour Gates with hopes of building “a real show barn”. By the pictures, you can see they achieved their goal!

Four stalls feature Armour’s Sliding Stall Door Superstructure. The Superstructure allowed the Truitt’s to match the lumber they used throughout the rest of the barn, by inserting left over “drops” into their stall door bottom channels. The Superstructures featured the additional Spring Loaded Fold Down Panel built in to door tops and allowed horses the freedom to browse the handsome brick aisle.

Mrs. Truitt had some concern about “boxing” in the air around her miniature, but wanted to achieve a consistent stall appearance. A Coolbreeze Sliding Door was just the answer she was looking to accommodate her favorite family addition. The same round pickets (bars) used in all the stall grilles and doors are featured at a closer ratio spacing in the lower quarter of Armour’s Coolbreeze door with Scuff Panel. This Coolbreeze stall door helped achieve a consistent barn appearance.

Double Dutch Doors are mounted on the back of each horse’s stall to easily lead equines to their privately fenced pasture. The Truitt’s did not choose to reverse the fascia of the Crossbuck “x” design because they planned to keep Dutch Doors closed a majority of the time.

Because of the plentiful breeze, the Truitt’s receive on their hill top stable, dividing grille partitions are mounted between each of the five horse stalls. Maximum ventilation occurs when their glass end barn doors are opened to allow outside breezes into the inhabited stall areas.

Mrs. Truitt writes, “We love our Armour Gates!”

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