Mr. Turley’s four stall barn with custom interior is something to really get excited about! Vertical tongue and groove lumber, line the stall front and dividing walls and Armour prepared stall doors with the same Vertical lumber boards. T&G Bar Top Doors are used in both the stall fronts as well as rear stall access. Bar top doors on the back of the stalls allow adequate airflow and additional light. Lumber interior walls are all framed with crib trim for a decorative touch as well as functionality. Custom length stall front grilles with built in feeder access doors make a perfect fit as well as streamline feeding time. Rounded track above all stall doors allow stalls to be opened simply. A heavy duty stayroller guides door while it is being pushed open on the smooth round track. With similar hardware, Superstructure End Barn Doors, were built on premises by Mr. Turley’s carpenters. On the front and back of the barn, pictures above, are end barn doors in several stages, painted, and partially painted. Left, top and bottom, photos show complete end doors, top opened and bottom closed. Mr. Turley decorated with wreaths for Christmas on the top left photo. Many people inquire if these wreaths, are windows, Armour does not assemble the lumber or windows in their superstructure end door frames. With the correct framing from a good carpenter windows can be added. Above the end barn doors are loft doors custom designed for Mr. Turley. These doors were manufactured to allow maximum ventilation and light into the loft area. If you have an idea or custom project, Armour may be able to help. Send a sketch or fax and our design team will be glad to make a recommendation. Mr. Turley writes, “I am very pleased with your products and the quality of material used throughout.”

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