A couple of friends were walking one day and one said to the other, “I have to choose horse stalls for my barn today.” And with surprise the other friend replied, “I know someone who manufactures horse stalls!” Information was shared and Ms. Hoyt called Armour to discuss the parameters of her future retirement retreat.

It was decided the barn components would be ordered in two phases: one to tighten up the barn for winter and the second to complete the inside the following summer.

The detailed photos include oversized End Barn Doors fabricated in custom sizes with Endura material. The same Endura was used to create the back of the stall, Dutch doors. Each stall front has a Coolbreeze Gossip Sliding Door for each stall occupant the freedom to peruse the aisle. The top of each lumber wall has been trimmed with Chew Guard to assist in preventing the “munchies”. Additionally, a Vent Panel was installed between two of the stalls, so the miniature occupant can visit through the stall dividing wall. The Vent Panel has been manufactured with a 1″ between bar spacing.

If you have special requirements for your barn or stall project, please don’t hesitate to call and discuss! We are always here to assist.

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