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Armour Horse Stalls May 2nd, 2011

User Friendly Stall Components

Armour Companies has developed a user friendly approach to all it’s aluminum stall components and has pioneered the fully assembled components that are shipped to all it’s customers and products arrive, ready to install!

Assembly of loose pieces, plastic washers, or insertion of bar/pickets IS NOT required upon arrival of ARMOUR products. To achieve a solidly welded stall front grill or partition divider, simply call or email the height and length of the space you are trying to fill and we will One Piece Weld the components you require for a simple, user friendly, installation. Armour pioneered the “exact length” option and will manufacture to the nearest eighth of an inch for the same low price as our standard component sizes. This is particularly helpful when installing your components since there is no need to add a board, to fill in a gap, or altering a standard size grille to a lesser length due to conflicting size openings. Armour Grilles feature concealed welds for a flawless appearance upon completion of their installation. The welded product is also prepared for installation with all pre-punched holes and necessary fasteners for installation into lumber construction barns.

Sliding and hinged doors also arrive fully assembled and require no time loss or confusing assembly instructions. The average door requires 16 fasteners to install and all products arrive with detailed instructions on installation. Sliding Stall Doors are made of heavy-gauge welded frames with lower lumber inserts. Armour offers over 85 different stall doors styles, from all lumber to fully ventilated. All doors have the option of a straight bar top, gossip top, spring loaded fold down panel or lift out removable section. All doors arrive with concealed welds for a clean, unmarred appearance. Sliding doors are reinforced both in the header area and down both sides for rigidity and strength. All lumber door panels have counter-sunk screw placements, so nothing protrudes into the stall area and the lumber front areas are free from fasteners as well. All lumber edges are surrounded with aluminum channel to prevent chewing or cribbing, and Dutch doors and gossip gates arrive with mitered cut corners.

So whether you are looking for sliding or hinged barn doors or stall grilles, when you purchase Armour Components there is no need to order installation hardware separately because ALL our components, for lumber installations, are furnished with the necessary mounting hardware such as trolleys, latches, hinges and fasteners. While browsing our website, keep in mind, prices include hardware and no “add-on” are necessary. Call Armour Today!

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