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July Summer Special

Armour Horse Stalls July 22nd, 2013

July Special: $360 SDSO SLIDING STALL DOOR when you BUY 4 OR MORE!!

Includes assembly and hardware for installation. Call 800-876-7706 today!!

Renovations? NO PROBLEM! Need a special grille size? We can help!

Special ends July 31st 2013.

Sliding stall doors and gates designed and manufactured by Armour Companies have set the pace and has maintained proven quality standards in the horse stall manufacturing industry for many years and remains one of the ” Most Copied” to this present date. Please allow us the opportunity to share with you some of the value of owning Armour Stall Doors & Components.

First, all of Armour’s sliding doors, gates and grilles are manufactured with aluminum extrusions of our exclusive design. We have found this method to be superior to the procedure where shapes are “bent” to achieve an “L” or “U” shape thereby eliminating any undue stress to the metals at the point of the “bend”.

Extrusions are produced by forcing aluminum into a designated shape by extreme pressure through a die system resulting in uniform shapes and sizes throughout the length of its designed shape.

Among the most important considerations in selecting Aluminum Stall Components is the longevity factor. Since Aluminum is an alloy that DOES NOT RUST, this feature alone eliminates any need to “repeat” the purchase of stall components, in years to come, due to rusting conditions which can damage components and create hazardous conditions due to their deterioration. This means no unnecessary repairs to rusted gates or stall fronts and/or periodic painting of rusting components. Maintenance of the stalls is greatly lessened, which equates to greater overall savings and decreased labor in maintaining horse stall conditions.

Armour offers a plethora of choices in sliding stall doors which presently numbers 240 different door combinations which will enhance any stable decor you might be looking for or any feature you are trying to achieve.

Each of Armour’s Stall Doors are manufactured and shipped to arrive as a completely finished unit with or without lumber. There are no complex assembly directions, no tubes to be inserted into holes, no rubber grommets to install, no extra lumber or channels to cut and add to the door top or sides. ALL the necessary installation hardware such as track, trolleys, stay roller, latch are INCLUDED in the purchase prices shown online. And stall doors are “prepped” for installation before shipment.

If you have any questions, please give us a call today and let one of our knowledgeable staff assist you!

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