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Armour Horse Stalls December 23rd, 2013

Are you trying to close off the end of your barn?

Often times building a barn can be costly and as the budget runs low, end barn doors are often put off the list due to their extreme cost. Cost associated with large end doors in 10’ x 10’ sizes or larger is the assembly and price of lumber paired with installation cost and in some cases a whole crew of men to build, level and position the large doors in place. So often the funds are unavailable by project end and the large doors to complete the barn are left off. Barns without end doors can cause a problem in the winter with drafts and cooler weather. Also barns without end doors can be more subject to theft of items or equines. Wild animals such as bears, coyote or leopards can cause a threat to your investment when end doors are left off the priority list.

The average end barn door surpasses a price of four thousand dollars which can include fabrication, door, hardware and installation. End doors with specialty locks and windows can increase the cost as well. The largest concern of owning an end barn door is the material it is manufactured from. Doors with glass can be dangerous in the barn and alternative “glass” materials can scratch and look hazy over time. Lumber doors will often warp and need replacement over time due to weather conditions. Snow, rain or sprinklers that create a dampening of the lumber door’s bottom, can be the main culprit of door replacements.

Armour Companies has developed a method of manufacturing and customer’s own installation of end barn doors without the hassle of hiring extra laborers to handle the transportation, the loading and unloading of heavy pre-constructed doors to the job site and then the installation of these pre-built panels onto the barn itself. Armour’s End Barn Doors can be installed quickly on site without much labor or multi-man crews. Armour offers any size door less than 12’ x 12’ with many popular sizes to choose or custom sizes at no additional cost. In some cases multiple pairs of doors can be fastened together to accommodate 12’ wide or larger openings. Doors arrive standard as two panels which create a split bi-parting door, however connecting hardware can be ordered if a one piece door is desired. The best heavy gauge hardware is included with all door orders and frames are shipped without lumber for customer’s preferred lumber installation. Any 2” x 6” board of any species can be used to fill the end barn doors after the frame is hung or mounted. This process eliminates the lifting of 500 pound or heavier doors.

Armour Companies will be pleased to provide any quotes for sizes not shown on our website and will assist in the engineering process if you have a special project need.

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