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Herringbone Stall Door

Armour Horse Stalls April 11th, 2008

"HerringboneArmour Gates introduces its newest sliding door the Herringbone which is aptly named due to the obliquely placed, opposing picket patterns, in the upper area of the door, extending vertically on each side. The Herringbone is a departure from Armour’s standard straight bar top and lends itself well with barn decors whether traditional or contemporary in style. The stylish top is made from the same non rusting aluminum materials as used in other Armour products. The 1” diameter and 1/8” round tube is secured using concealed welding procedures.

The Herringbone top can be ordered with any or Armour’s standard door bottom panels such as Crossbuck, Vertical or Horizontal Tongue and Groove, Coolbreeze with or without scuff panels. Other door top options can be featured with the Herringbone top such as, the Fold-down or Lift-out Panel.

Whichever style you select, all Armour Aluminum Sliding Doors arrive fully assembled, no rattling pieces, with the best 8’0” round track, heavy duty ball-bearing trolleys, aluminum stops, slide-bolt latch, and heavy-duty adjustable stay-roller.

The dramatic new styling of the Herringbone top provides another refreshing option for a unique, stylish, and fashionable stable interior without undue cost.

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