The horse barn was built in 1975 and is owned by a homeowners association. There are 10 horse stalls and no updates have been made to the original build out. Each stall had an open window area that only became “closed” when the upper half of the stall door, which was on rollers, was “open”. The bottom portion of the door was on hinges. Thus, the door would swing out into a narrow center aisle as horses were moved into and out of the stalls. No horse stall measurements were identical. In some cases, the window space widths differed by up to 6 inches and heights by up to 3 inches. And the door widths differed by up to an inch and heights by up to 2 inches.

Thanks to Armour Companies, the new horse stalls and doors turned our barn into a proper stable. Horse and human safety has significantly improved and the stables now have a high-end finish. Our carpenter was impressed with the quality of Armour’s horse stall materials and ease of installation. Our stables staff, riders, and horses are very happy with the results. The difference between “before” and “after” is proof that an old, tired barn can be transformed into a safe, attractive one. Thank you Kim, Chip and the rest of the team at Armour! – Heather Guild, Facilities Director, Seven Lakes HOA

The new stalls feature Armour’s Crossbuck Sliding Doors with Lift Out Panel Tops and Stall Front Grills.

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