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Horse Stall Kits That DO NOT RUST

Armour Horse Stalls March 26th, 2009

Hinged Horse Stall Gossip GatesHorse stall kits manufactured by Armour NEVER RUST! A full line of horse stall kits and accessories such as sliding stall doors, gossip gates, stall fronts, partitions, window grilles, double-dutch doors, shutters, ventilation panels and end barn doors are available in both standard or custom sizes and arrive with all the necessary hardware for installation.

Armour sliding stall barn doors and gossip horse gate’s feature: heavy-gauge aluminum, concealed welds, reinforced header channels, counter-sunk screw placements, aluminum channel surrounded edges, and mitered cut corners. Armour offers a variety of sliding barn door and horse gate fascias. Lumber designs range from the time honored cross-buck “x” to the traditional tongue and groove. Armour horse stall doors and barn gate products arrive assembled with all the following hardware and fasteners for lumber installations. The sliding door hardware kit includes: rounded track, ball-bearing trolleys, aluminum door stops, slide-bolt latch and heavy-duty stay roller. Barn gate hardware kit includes: two heavy-duty hinges and a slide-bolt latch.

End Barn Door Horse Stall Kits & Sliding Shutter KitsArmour sliding doors, end barn doors, and shutters all arrive as a complete horse stall kit with heavy-duty rounded track and ball-bearing trolleys as well. Its round shape enables closer contact with ball-bearing trolleys for a smooth gliding and self aligning stall door. The self-cleaning overhead door track maintains continued smooth opening while preventing pests from nesting. Each sliding barn product includes a track mounting fastener pack for lumber installations. Sliding stall doors, end barn doors, and shutters also include, Armour manufactured, aluminum door stops. The stops prevent doors from traveling beyond the round track. The receiver stop is used in conjunction with zinc plated latch plates which assist in locking the stall product. A neoprene, wall mount, adjustable stay roller is provided to prevent the door from being pushed into the aisle while opening. Feel free to request our free latch preparation at time of ordering.

Horse Stall Kit Features

Horse Stall Window Grill KitsArmour horse stalls may require no rust aluminum stall front, divider partitions, and window grilles for adequate or maximum ventilation. Stall hardware includes heavy gauge aluminum round tubes with clean welded connections. All Armour horse stall kit products are handmade and professionally crafted by skilled barn building tradesmen. Custom sizes are not a problem when renovation or updating requires and our extensive standard sized items are sure to accommodate any newly built horse barn facility. Armour will manufacture stall grills to the nearest 1/8″ in length at no additional cost.


Crossbuck Shutter Kits & Window Grill KitsArmour Shutters and double dutch doors are available in the time honored cross-buck “x”, traditional tongue & groove or you can create your own design from our barn art images. Farm logos may be precision carved and installed as well. The barn shutters and Dutch doors both feature mitered-cut (picture framed) corners and aluminum channel surroundings. Channel edges prevent horses from chewing and add an elegant appearance. All interior lumber panels arrive ready to stain, or paint, to match any barn decor. Shutters are available in both, single or double-swing with various standard sizes to choose. Armour can also accommodate custom sizes when necessary.

Ventilated Horse Stall KitArmour’s Airflow Vent-Panels or Add-a-Vent grilles allow adequate airflow to stifled areas of the horse stall. These small panels feature the same heavy-gauge aluminum, clean welded connections, and one, two or three inch between bar spacing (pricing varies). Airflow Vent-Panels are manufactured to replace existing lumber for barn door or stall renovation. And Add-a-Vent grilles are installed during the horse stall building process.

End Barn Door KitAs mentioned previously Armour’s End Door Superstructures are assembled from the highest quality aluminum extrusions and arrive with quality rounded door tracks, ball bearing trolleys, aluminum miter stops, galvanized handles and adjustable stay rollers. The manufacturing procedures performed at Armour enable stable owners to install the barn door frame without cranes or multi-man crews because only the frame is installed first. Once positioned, leveled, and plumb, the Superstructure (frame) can then be filled with any 2×6 lumber. Convenient cap covers allow the lumber to be replaced in the future if necessary, which makes the product completely reusable, year after year, after year! These barn doors will add elegance and a consistent appearance throughout the stable when used in conjunction with other Armour components.

Armour does not build barns or stables, but has designed and provided quality horse stall kits, barn doors, and stall components to customers throughout the country from Florida to Vermont to California and all points along the way. Among our clients are barn builders, equestrian centers, boarding stables, and leisure farms. Please call 1-866-948-9210 for additional horse stall information or assistance during your horse barn planning stages.

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