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End Barn Door Superstructures

Armour Horse Stalls January 19th, 2018

End DoorsArmour Companies provides an alternative to building or ordering large End Barn Doors for your farm or home: The Superstructure End Barn Door. Typically End Barn Doors are built as a solid piece, on site or transported. The large, cumbersome, heavy lumber filled door panel then has to be unloaded or moved, positioned, lifted and hung into place. The installation can be costly for installing the heavy panel onto the barn or into position.

Armour Companies at one time did exactly the process we have just described and it was always a difficult and labor intense project to complete. Because of our experience, we have developed a method of manufacturing and installing End Barn Doors ​without​ the hassle of hiring extra ​laborers ​ in order to handle the ​transportation​, loading and ​unloading​ ​the​ heavy pre constructed doors to the job site and then the installation of these pre built panels onto the barn ​itself.​

End Barn DoorsArmour now offers end barn door ​superstructures​

which are easily shipped, unloaded and installed onto the barn or stable, available in many sizes to accommodate the customers chosen opening sizes.

After installation of the superstructures, the aluminum framing can then be filled ​with ​locally purchased 2″ x 6″ material tongue and groove lumber or other. Which can be installed at the job site, one board at a time until the door is filled.

The process ​eliminates​ the need for heavy duty lifting devices or ​large​ labor crews to place the heavy lumber​ panel ​in place on to the overhead door tracks.

Armour’s ​Superstructure End Barn Doors​ have also proven helpful in securing a larger than ​normal​ opening by ​connecting​ various sized panels together after positioning them onto the overhead track. Once the panels are secured together they can “move” as one unit. Please view our website and review our products page under End Barn Door Superstructures.

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