Are you ready for Spring?

Get ready for spring with new stalls, sliding doors, grilles or partitions! Please check out our complete line of components at Armour is now offering Endura no rust, no rot Dutch Doors. Custom sizes are available, if replacing existing doors is necessary. Stall grilles made to your length and...

The month of July is EXPLODING with HOT DEALS

Armour is offering a free Grooming Tote Box with any stall door purchase of 6 or more. MENTION CODE: GRMBOX  For any stall door & stall front grille purchase of 8 or more, Armour will give you one free Feeder Access Door built into a...

Double-Dutch Doors

Since barn building has been in existence, the popularity of Double Dutch Doors has remained steadfast. The “X” design, also called a Crossbuck, originated when corner to corner bracing was necessary to prevent sagging since the horizontal lumber planks utilized to make the door had...

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